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a. not divisible by two
b. represented or indicated by a number that is not divisible by two
2. Maths (of a function) changing sign but not absolute value when the sign of the independent variable is changed, as in y=x3
3. Golf
a. one stroke more than the score of one's opponent
b. an advantage or handicap of one stroke added to or taken away from a player's score


(1) (Optical Disc Drive or Optical Digital Disc) See optical disc.

(2) (Object Data Definition) A description of the data in an object. See object.
References in classic literature ?
With this amicable understanding, the old man drew back again into the ring, where he stood musing on the course he should now adopt, with the singular mixture of decision and resignation that proceeded from his habits and his humility, and which united to form a character, in which excessive energy, and the most meek submission to the will of Providence, were oddly enough combined.
It was made of brass like all the Heroic weapons, but, oddly enough, sharp enough to prick anyone still.
Oddly Enough is the unabrdiged audiobook rendition of nine of the most beloved and widely-published of author Bruce Coville's family-friendly short stories for young adult and adult listeners alike.
Called "The World's Assault Rifles" oddly enough, it's a year-long read for mere mortals.
Oddly enough, his faithful acolyte, Ed Balls, is developing the same haunted, driven look.
Oddly enough, this is an ideal setting for travellers, I would have thought, particularly with the travellers having purchased the land.
Oddly enough, Jupiter is spending its first full month in Pisces, a brave planet in a wary sign.
Oddly enough, the so-called "lipstick index," popularized by Leonard Lauder, has proven to be an accurate recession barometer.
Oddly enough, I suspect that a lot of women don't much like Valentine's Day either
Oddly enough, a reader could begin with this book and re-turn to Murkmere for the backstory--the two books could be read in either order.
Oddly enough, proponents of the ICF are marketing the foam for its ecological qualities.