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odeum, odeon

odeum, Athens
A small ancient Greek or Roman theater, usually roofed, for musical performances.
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In marked contrast to the earlier adjustment of the Odeion to the conventions of a closed theater, in the production of Oedipus Tyrannus in 1877 by the Euripides theater company the space in front of the proscenium arch was turned to a form of orchestra, where the thymele was also placed, so that the chorus would be separated from the protagonists.
While the average theater of those times had some 4,000 seats, the odeion had no more than 600 sitting places.
61) In an inscription of 99-100, Trajan is again named in the nominative as the restorer of the Odeion at Gortyn, through the agency of the proconsul L.
He teaches flute at Ethnikon Odeion of Cyprus and Windcraft music center.
Get an early start because there's lots to see - mosaics in the House s of Dionysos, Theseus and Aion; vaults and caves of the Tombs of the Kings; the ancient Odeion Theatre; a creepy little underground church in the Catacombs and the fort guarding the harbour.
Perhaps the little wreck of the Odeion of Pericles.
Since finishing his degree he has been teaching flute at Ethnikon Odeion of Cyprus and Windcraft music centre, and is also a substitute member of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra.
Although technically the Asklepieion and the Gymnasium were outside the limites of the Roman city, the Odeion, the Theater, a bath to the north of the Theater, and the circus would have been within the city proper.
Selection will take place on Saturday, March 5 at the Ethnikon Odeion Kyprou, AyiosDometios, in Nicosia.
Historical Greek Pottery from the Excavations of the Odeion, Gortyn," ASAtene 77-78 (1998-2000), pp.
Papageorgiou, also a violinist, started violin lessons at the age of six at Ethnikon Odeion in Nicosia.
372, line 2, also seems very uncertain, despite the fact that the stone was found between the Fountain of Glauke and the Odeion.