odor test

scent test, smell test

A test for leaks in a drainpipe; a material having a strong odor is introduced into the pipe and leaks are detected by tracing the scent to its source.
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The dozen high-risk participants who developed schizophrenia during the next 18 months had performed poorly on the odor test, Brewer's group reports in the October American Journal of Psychiatry.
Many techniques for identifying and resolving taste or odor problems, including an experienced taste and odor test panel, are available.
Based on the overall evaluation of the testing and statistical analysis, the expert panel concluded that the more conservative, direct results of the odor test data (i.
conducted an odor test, smelling each bag without knowing which bird it contained.
Olfactory measures represent a potentially interesting marker for psychopathic traits, because performance expectancies are unclear in odor tests and may therefore be less susceptible to attempts to fake good or bad responses.
Further control of the odors was accomplished by conducting the odor tests in separate testing rooms and on different days.
BENEFITS OF PPO IN TPE MOLDING COMPOUND (Matrix Resin: Kraton G-1651 SEBS) Blendex PPO Grade None HPP820 HPP83O PPO Loading, % 0 [sim]13 [sim]13 Tensile Strength, psi 1015 1160 1015 Modulus (300%), psi 276 508 464 Elongation at Break, % 800 650 650 Hardness, Shore A 48 51 53 Compression Set, % @ 158 F 35 22 21 @ 212 F 95 45 46 Odor Tests Kraton Rating Pass Fail Pass GEP Odor Rating - 6 4.
Evidence supporting the fact that alpha-colony odors are conditioned stimuli came from studies demonstrating that a prolonged-exposure session to these odors resulted in the extinction of freezing and analgesia during subsequent odor tests.
In a study conducted at the University of California, San Diego, Medical Center, 65 people with Alzheimer's disease and 82 healthy people of similar ages and backgrounds underwent vision, taste, and odor tests.
Odor: PCR materials scored very poorly on odor tests, clear evidence once again of incomplete washing.