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Tenders are invited for The project consists of an off-line storage facility and associated instrumentation & controls and electrical work.
The necessary blending of different coloured products can then be accomplished in-line, eliminating the need for off-line storage.
Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the faster speeds and ever higher capacities of the wide range of off-line storage devices, whether it is network, desktop, mobile or USB key.
When it comes to high end workstations or high-performance, cost-effective storage for near-line and off-line storage, SATA offers what storage managers need to manage their company's information.
Archived content can be stored in the repository or be moved to an off-line storage medium.
Its features include integration with existing or newly acquired PACS resources; working directly with digital modalities to capture, store and archive image data in non-PACS environments; association of patient images and document EMRs; maintenance of all relevant files online; automatic migration of infrequently accessed data to near- or off-line storage per administrator-defined policies; search and location of specific patient records in near- or off-line storage without migrating data back to online storage resources until files are opened; and retrieval of requested files from near-line storage typically in a matter of seconds and from off-line storage in the minutes it takes to load media into an autochanger.
The unit also provides recorded video activity scanning and video motion detection; tamperproof video records with video authentication; ATM and POS data integration; and fault-tolerant off-line storage for long-term video archiving.
Multiple methods and product types can be set up and run in minutes with different output options, such as HPLC, UV or off-line storage.
Due to inadequate filtration & carbon treatment, the solution must be periodically transferred to an off-line storage tank and the process tank must then be cleaned.
Excess flows can be retained in storage tanks, in deep large-diameter storage tunnels, or in off-line storage basins, but a low-cost alternative is to employ the unused capacity of existing sewer lines.
This file may be copied with an integral compact flash card writer for off-line storage.
Below that, at the pyramid's lowest level, off-line storage is provided by optical discs and tape jukebox devices in which media are found and placed in drives via robot servo mechanisms.