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Description of the procurement: the pensionsversicherungsanstalt intends for its own facilities, the special hospital rehabilitation centers (ska-rz) and center for outpatient rehabilitation (zar) as well as the main and provincial office vienna and all other provincial offices in all federal states, the annual demand for raw paper (copy and printer paper, tab , g-print paper, offset paper etc.
A great selection of paper stock is available: from wood-free offset paper to recycled paper with environmental seal.
However, a rim of an average offset paper of 68 grams is now priced at Rs1,300 as compared to Rs658 in 2008.
Discussed prints are made on woodfree uncoated offset paper.
However, within the specialized field of sheetfed offset paper labels, IGP can do almost anything.
Consumption of offset paper has declined by 48%, office paper by 41% since 2003 and the volume of waste by 11%: from 331 kg/person/year, it has dropped to 294 kg/person/year, of which around 54% is recycled.
YARN PRINTS In the classroom, we start very simply with yarn, tempera paint and offset paper.
In an effort to offset paper consumption, and as part of its ongoing commitment to eco-friendly business practices, TitleVest is launching Grow Paperless.
The 16-page design formula and property sections of the magazine are printed on 120 gms offset paper.
Producing 546 metric tons/day of 60-120 g/m2 offset paper, the machine made saleable paper right after start-up at the end of August 2004.
The old Bencivenga copy-heavy magalogs in two colors - in either typewriter or Times type on plain-jane offset paper - resembled a newsletter and looked like the actual product you would receive.
The schedule calls for the Sun to be an offset paper in two years, with the Province following several months later, as flexo printing is phased out and decommissioned by the end of 1997.