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(in folklore) a giant, usually given to eating human flesh



a city; center of Ogre Raion, Latvian SSR. Situated on the Daugava (Zapadnaia Dvina) River at the point where the Ogre River empties into it. Railroad station on the Riga-Moscow line, 37 km southeast of Riga. Population, 20,700 (1973). Ogre has a knitwear combine, a plastics plant, and a cardboard factory.


Saks, G. Gorod Ogre i ego okrestnosti. Riga, 1957.



a river in the Latvian SSR, a right tributary of the Daugava (Zapadnaia Dvina) River. It is 176 km long and drains an area of 1,700 sq km. It originates in the Vidzeme Upland and flows through the Central Latvian Lowland. The river is fed by mixed sources. The mean flow rate 20 km from the river’s mouth is 17.7 cu m per sec. The Ogre freezes over in December and thaws at the end of March or early April.

What does it mean when you dream about an ogre?

An ogre in a dream may symbolize authority issues related to discipline in one’s business or personal life. Alternatively, this symbol may represent being an “ogre” to oneself through constant self-criticism. (See also Monster).

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Ogres is Samuel's first children's fantasy book, and is aimed at eight to 13-year-olds.
The first time I myself an ogre, burst tears The former student of Sylvia Young Theatre School remembers: "I auditioned for several shows at the same time and I actually went up for the role of Donkey understudy, as I thought they'd get a big name to play him and that I was too young.
Lines were visible on the Wicked Witch's chin and nose, Fiona's "ogre" hands were obviously gloves, and her ogre nose was held on with a black strap when it could have been a clear one.
She is in early, before everyone except Shrek, together face painted a special shade of ogre green and have her fat suit and costume fitted for the role of Mama Ogre, a part that lasts all of a minute, before she has to perform a quick change into Mama Bear of the She said: "At the start, I am Shrek's mum so I have the green face, the nose, all the regalia.
He therefore, in the tradition of translatio so popular in the Middle Ages (translatio, although historically containing a political component as seen in Chretien de Troyes's writings, is analogous to the contemporary concept of intertextuality), constructs The Ogre upon older myths like The Story of the Grail that serve as complex webs of allusions propelling both his narrative and characters' discoveries forward.
It was, indeed, an inarticulate Syrian ogre that greeted the decision of the Arab League, traditionally a generous assemblage of ogres, to suspend Syria's membership in the organization.
The only stumbling block could be Corden not wanting to be labelled as the lovable green ogre for the rest of his career.
I used to be an ogre, now I'm a just a jolly green joke," he sighs.
Villagers are no longer scared of him and the ogre begins to wonder if life holds any more surprises.
AND so we reach the fourth - and final - instalment of the computer animated series of films starring everyone's favourite green ogre.
The adventures of the jolly green ogre have been on a steady decline since the wildly imaginative 2001 original film so it is to director Mike Mitchell's credit that this picture is arguably the best of the sequels.