oil beetle

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oil beetle:

see blister beetleblister beetle,
common name for certain soft-bodied, usually black or brown, mostly elongate and cylindrical beetles belonging to the family Meloidae. Blister beetles are common insects found feeding on the flowers and foliage of various plants. Occasionally some, e.g.
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A NATIONWIDE hunt is being launched for a "fab four" quartet of oil beetles, which are at risk of vanishing from the UK countryside.
The coastal strip of land near Salcombe where the oil beetle was discovered has been managed less intensively as farmland, therefore creating a habitat where the beetle could survive undisturbed.
Oil beetles were once common but their natural habitats and the populations of young bees used to feed its larvae have been decimated by intensive farming.
Forty short-necked oil beetles - otherwise known as meloe brevicollis - were found near Salcombe, South Devon - more than 200 miles from their last sighting in Sussex nearly 60 years ago.