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, market condition in which there is only one seller of a certain commodity; by virtue of the long-run control over supply, such a seller is able to exert nearly total control over prices.
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a term used in bourgeois economics to designate a form of market structure in developed capitalist countries. Under oligopolistic conditions several large firms monopolize the bulk of production and marketing and conduct nonprice competition among themselves. The term “oligopoly” was introduced by the English writer T. More, the founder of Utopian socialism, in his Utopia (1516). A mixture of monopoly and competition, oligopoly is characteristic of almost all branches of present-day capitalist mass production.


Economics a market situation in which control over the supply of a commodity is held by a small number of producers each of whom is able to influence prices and thus directly affect the position of competitors
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2) This Interest in mixed oligopolies is due to their importance to the economies of Europe, Canada, and Japan.
Possibly an equally critical question is whether mergers of medical groups and hospitals in the long-term will serve to reduce direct competition and potentially generate savings or do they expand into fiscally and politically powerful oligopolies that eventually adversely affect physicians and the public and, therefore, require stringent government regulation.
In most of the country, the combined market share of the top two health insurance companies exceeds 60%, so yes, we do have a system of regional oligopolies.
The paper is a treatise on supply and demand, and the nature of oligopolies, monopolies and power.
The EESC therefore calls for a binding legal text to be drafted as a matter of urgency, for fair competition to be encouraged and for action to be taken against illegal oligopolies.
Indian entrepreneurs have a strong preference for more controlled environments, or, even better, outright monopolies or oligopolies.
The head of the Consumers Association, Petros Markou, said the milk distribution system was "ailing" and called for an end to the oligopolies.
Microeconomics" provides an overview of basic microeconomic principles, such as supply and demand, monopolies and oligopolies, public goods and welfare economics.
Bresnahan's (1987) and Gasmi, Laffont, and Vuong's (1992) studies of differentiated product oligopolies (with price-taking buyers) also involved nonnested hypothesis testing.
Oligopolies can have either standard (homogeneous) or differentiated products.
IBM says communications technologies are best left in the hands of corporate oligopolies unfettered by government and naive, obstructionist technophiles.
Although the TV's dominance as a mass communication education medium has been unsurpassed for many decades, the industry is now facing challenges from a number of fronts as incumbent broadcasters cling to their lucrative oligopolies.