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, market condition in which there is only one seller of a certain commodity; by virtue of the long-run control over supply, such a seller is able to exert nearly total control over prices.
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a term used in bourgeois economics to designate a form of market structure in developed capitalist countries. Under oligopolistic conditions several large firms monopolize the bulk of production and marketing and conduct nonprice competition among themselves. The term “oligopoly” was introduced by the English writer T. More, the founder of Utopian socialism, in his Utopia (1516). A mixture of monopoly and competition, oligopoly is characteristic of almost all branches of present-day capitalist mass production.


Economics a market situation in which control over the supply of a commodity is held by a small number of producers each of whom is able to influence prices and thus directly affect the position of competitors
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all instances of parallel pricing in oligopolistic markets will
However, with our complex multinational business society, the actions and reactions of oligopolistic competition is not as simple.
The equilibrium level of the price r depends on the number of firms in the separated regime and on oligopolistic interactions among those firms.
On the other hand, brewing in New Zealand, as elsewhere, is clearly (we believe) an oligopolistic industry, despite the presence of a fringe of small "boutique" brewers who may be earning some rents, because the great bulk of the beer market is supplied by a very few large firms, and beer is expensive to transport relative to its value.
Welskopp presents the reader with striking similarities at the micro-level of investigation (at the level of the workplace) which, he argues, had a lot to do with the specific characteristics of the iron and steel industry, especially its capital-intensive nature, its technological dynamism and its oligopolistic structure.
Oligopolistic multinationals today dominate the economies of all three NAFTA countries.
We can only hope for enlightened and benevolent leadership under these conditions of monopolistic or oligopolistic circumstances.
This paper examines the potential magnitude of the increase in oligopolistic manufacturers' profits due to a policy cents-off couponing and the resulting changes in consumer welfare and resource allocation.
Key Vendors Arkema BASF Evonik Industries Honeywell International Invista Radici GroupOther prominent vendors Rhodia Group Royal DSM Market driver Growing use of bio-polyamide in automotive sector For a full, detailed list, view our report Market challenge Economic slowdown in Europe For a full, detailed list, view our report Market trend Bio-polyamide market to turn oligopolistic in nature For a full, detailed list, view our reportKey Questions Answered in this Report What will the market size be in 2019 and what will the growth rate be?
If the deal is signed, it is the mark of an oligopolistic online travel services market.
Oman's telecommunication sector is still an oligopolistic market, with two key players and host of other resellers.