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Diminished excretion of urine.



a decrease in the daily quantity of excreted urine from the normal 1,500 ml to 500 ml. Oliguria results from reduced filtration or increased reabsorption in the kidneys. Physiological oliguria arises with dehydration, which can result from water deprivation, excessive perspiration, vomiting, or diarrhea. It may also accompany blood loss; extensive burns and traumas; a drop in arterial pressure, as in shock and collapse; or increased production of the hormones aldosterone or vasopressin. Oliguria is frequently a symptom of kidney disease, for example, nephritis.

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Oliguria was defined as a urinary output of <1ml/kg/hour for infants and young children, and <400 ml/day for adolescents (1,2).
2] <300mmHg * Oliguria, defined as diurese <400ml/24h, refractory to careful hydration or to furosemide or dopamine * Acute urea deterioration to 15mmol/l or creatinine >400mmol/l * Jaundice with pre-eclampsia * Thyrotoxic crisis * Acute thrombocytopenia requiring transfusion of platelets * Sub-arachnoid or intra-parenchymatous haemorrhage * Anaesthetic accident: (1) severe hypotension associated with epidural or rachidian anaesthesia, hypotension defined as systolic pressure <90 mmHg for more than 60 minutes; (2) failure in tracheal intubation requiring anaesthetic reversion
Septic shock, a subgroup of severe sepsis, has been defined as "sepsis-induced hypotension (systolic blood pressure [less than or equal to]90 mm Hg or a reduction of [greater than or equal to]40 mm Hg from baseline) despite adequate fluid resuscitation along with the presence of perfusion abnormalities that may include, but are not limited to, lactic acidosis, oliguria, or an acute alteration in mental status.
The physician noted oliguria along with a silent abdomen that was slightly distended.
My jewelry consisted of a Medic Alert bracelet, and I learned the new language of arrhythmia and oliguria, Capoten and Zaroxolyn.
If complaints or visual inspection indicate a dry mouth, the resident should be assessed for other signs/symptoms of dehydration, including dry mucous membranes; loss of skin turgor; intense thirst; flushed skin; oliguria (decreased urine output in relation to fluid intake); dark, yellow urine; and/or possible elevated temperature.
7,8) Mild proteinuria and oliguria may also be observed.
Vanadate-induced oliguria and vasoconstriction in the cat.
It does indeed seem to describe a quality of sputum and not oliguria.
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Lachiewicz and colleagues (28) reported on 6 patients who developed rhabdomyolysis of the down leg's gluteal musculature with nerve palsies and postoperative oliguria.