Olive Branch

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What does it mean when you dream about an olive branch?

A symbol of peace, the olive branch is associated with the dove bringing God’s message of hope for a peaceful new world to Noah. It represents resolution of conflicts and reconciliation, and perhaps the lifting of a burden in the life of the dreamer.

olive branch

symbol of peace and serenity. [Gk. and Rom. Myth.: Brewer Handbook; O.T.: Genesis, 8:11]
See: Peace
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As a result of Operation Olive Branch, as of March 12, the center of the city of Afrin is surrounded, the strategically important areas are taken under control," the military said in a statement, Sputnik reported.
The Operation Olive branch was launched on January 20 with an aim to capture or kill the terrorists along the border of Afrin.
When a military offensive is called "Operation Olive Branch," Orwell shudders in his grave," tweeted CNN correspondent Ben Wedeman.
Survivors include his adoptive family, Charles Davis of Benton, Lynn Sutliff and husband Ron of Olive Branch, Miss.
It is through the Vulgate that the symbol of an olive branch was popularized in the Christian world.
Of course, quality comes at a price and if you're looking for a cheap night out, then the Olive Branch is not the place for you.
5m, 234,000 square foot, state-of-the-art pharmaceutical distribution facility in Olive Branch, DeSoto County, MS.
12 August 2011 - US Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc (NYSE:WPI) said on Thursday that its Anda Distribution division will establish a 234,000 sq ft (21,700 sq m) pharmaceutical distribution facility in Olive Branch, DeSoto County, MS.
In 1947, Ewan MacColl, left-wing playwright, committed Communist, and cofounder (with Joan Littlewood) of the highly influential British company Theatre Workshop, wrote a play entitled Operation Olive Branch, a work that was, by his own admission, "freely adapted from the Lysistrata of Aristophanes.
Mr Cameron's call would have found greater credibility, had he not offered the Liberal Democrats an olive branch on the grounds that there is now "less disagreement than there used to be" between these two parties.
AaThe idea behind those awards belongs to the Olive Branch group, specialized in breaking stereotypes tied to the Arab World.
MEMPHIS: In a pair of closed lease transactions referred by Steven Podolsky, a CORFAC International affiliate in the Chicago-metro city of Riverwoods, Treat Macdonald of Crump Commercial LLC/CORFAC International announced the completion of two large industrial leases in Olive Branch, MS and Memphis for Greensboro, N.