one-time password

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One-Time Password

(OTP) A security system that requires a new password every time a user authenticates themselves, thus protecting against an intruder replaying an intercepted password. OTP generates passwords using either the MD4 or MD5 hashing algorithms.

The equivalent term "S/Key", developed by Bellcore, is a trademark of Telcordia Technologies, so the name OTP is used increasingly.

See RFC 1760 - "The S/KEY One-Time Password System" and RFC 1938 - "A One-Time Password System".

one-time password

A password given to the user for one login session only and that must be used within a certain amount of time. One-time passwords are sent from tech support to people who need help registering or logging into a website. As soon as the one-time password (OTP) enables access to the site, it is no longer valid, and users must create a permanent password. OTPs are also created for physical authentication devices (see authentication token), and they are sometimes used as a second means of authentication if a person logs in from a new computer (see two-factor authentication).
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Jibun Bank had earlier installed VASCO's one-time password (OTP) and transaction signing security features.
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Pledge, the client used to generate one-time passwords on the user's mobile phone, comes with automated enrollment from the OTP Server, which allows a fast rollout of tokens to companies of any size.
The 10 tools include biometric devices (fingerprint readers, iris scanners and voice-activated phone calls), smart cards, USB tokens and one-time password generators (tokens and devices running StrikeForce's OTP software, such as a mobile phone, PDA, BlackBerry and even a user's personal computer).
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Existing system of strong authentication with one-time password is the product of the manufacturer RSA, The Security Division of EMC.