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Best Overall Non-Newspaper Online Service -- MSNBC.
If you want to [provide] an online service where you have to buy equipment, and people subscribe and dial specifically to that service, you could start off with $10,000 to $106,000," estimates David Ellington, president and CEO of NetNoir +www.
There are several commercial online services to choose from (see chart).
In addition to managing single sign-on between consumers and online services, PingLogin provides an integration layer between strong authentication mechanisms and consumer-facing applications.
Relied on by the world's largest online services providers, including AOL, ChoiceStream's patent-pending technology helps companies increase customer retention and drive sales by automatically delivering the most relevant content and products to each consumer.
All online services and official state Web pages can be accessed from the state portal at www.
With this new store Snapfish has come up with the ideal way for retailers and online services to combine their strengths and offer customers a better experience than either one could on their own.
Some of our customers are asking for a connected reader because they want to deploy specific online services that need to have a direct communication between the distant server and the card through the Internet," explained Nigel Reavley, director of banking business unit in XIRING.
Assessment of the market potential of various online services based on the current and desired future usage of cardiologists
Evaluates the market potential of various online services, including eCME, online forums, eDetailing, eSampling and online disease management tools
We strive to provide online services that make life easier for Utah's citizens and businesses, and I'm pleased that Utah.

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