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Object-oriented language for an inference system with a Lisp-like appearance, but based on set theory.

["Ontic: A Knowledge Representation System for Mathematics", D.A. McAllester, MIT Press 1989].


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Ontic is an audiovisual study of the relationship between nature and structure, and how the preservation of the environment extends further than the physical medium.
Ontic, a BBA Aviation company, is a leading global provider of original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-pedigree parts and MRO services for legacy aerospace platforms.
For over 40 years, Ontic has licensed or acquired 4,500 top assemblies from leading aviation OEMs.
Gareth Hall, Ontic President and Managing Director said, With our expanding global customer base, this position will grow our products and services portfolio, while developing additional channels to reach the customer .
Heidegger claims that most understandings of the world deal only with the ontic manifestation of the world and the beings within it, but do not engage with the ontological structure of the world's worldliness.
This Enlightenment, modern man believes he is self-sufficient: the sole author of himself as if there were not something already given, namely, an ontic structure with certain dispositions or tendencies that precedes any actualization of it.
In this way, together with new knowledge, the ontic nature of its support will also change.
What begins with Pather Panchali as an ontic exploration of Bengali culture's soul in what little Apu feels, tracks through the films Ganguly studies and ends with the children in Ray's last film, Agantuk, sensory material deeply critical of the moral ambiguities of modern noise.
Sample entries include: multiplicity, ontic meaning, Martin Heidegger, eidetics, the principle of all principles, and giveness.
Aviall Services, Ontic Aviall to Distribute Ontic Fuel Management Systems.
Finally, in a chapter on "Rational allegory and gender," Donnelly contends that "Milton weaves a typological disclosure of ontic charity that subverts the customary assumption that the arche in hierarchy is necessarily coercive" (143).
The irreducibility of the moral level of existence to its physico-biological foundation is an essential ontic feature of the world" (88).