open enrollment

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open enrollment,

a policy of admitting to college all high-school graduates in an effort to provide a higher education for all who desire it. To critics it means an inevitable lowering of standards as a considerable effort must be devoted to development of basic skills. The most ambitious programs of open enrollment in the United States have been undertaken in California and New York City. Under California's system, codified in 1960, high-school graduates in the top eighth of their class may attend a Univ. of California campus. Those in the top third qualify for a state university. All the rest may attend a two-year community college. New York City's plan, begun in 1970, guarantees every high-school graduate, academic or vocational, a place in a city college. In the 1980s and 90s many educational institutions partially reversed such policies and tightened admission requirements.


See D. Lavin, Right Versus Privilege (1981).

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Per Administrator Vermas letter to Senator King, any resident of Maine who did not secure coverage by the end of the Open Enrollment Period and was affected by the wind storm should contact the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596 to speak with a Marketplace representative.
Our survey shows that even among consumers who are proactively shopping for new 2018 plans, a majority don't know that this year's open enrollment period is half the length of last year's," said eHealth CEO Scott Flanders.
But plan selection activity was 42% higher during the first two weeks of the 2018 open enrollment period than it was during the first weeks of the 2017 open enrollment period.
Regulators, insurers and ACA public exchange managers set up the open enrollment period system, or limits on when people have an easy time buying health coverage, to give insurers a little bit of protection against claim risk.
Plan sponsors will already know that open enrollment is their main [chance to inform] employees of changes to their health benefits," he says, "but it should not be viewed as an effort that is exclusively concerned with health benefits.
There was, however, one reason for apprehension when the open enrollment experiment began.
Open enrollment is the time period when all people with Medicare may be able to change their Medicare health plans and prescription drug coverage for the following year to better meet their needs," the Medicare Supplement insurance expert adds.
One-third used the words "annoyance" or "dread" to describe open enrollment.
The open enrollment period can help credit unions take their communication with employees to the next level and increase their understanding of the process and the full scope of benefits their credit union offers," said Pricer.
But Lamb insists he was simply ahead of his time, especially with more than $5,000 per student in open enrollment funding from the state riding on the outcome.
As the Attorney General of New Mexico, I am requesting that CMS consider extending open enrollment through a special enrollment period of at least two more months in order to give New Mexico residents the opportunity to receive adequate information and make informed healthcare choices.
Open enrollment ends this Friday, and unless you experience a significant life change like a loss of other health insurance coverage, this is the last chance you will have to enroll through the marketplace until next year, said Governor Tom Wolf.