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Baggett, Managing Partner of Opportune LLP, has been appointed as Chief
Baggett has been the Managing Partner of Opportune LLP since its founding in 2005.
The latest victory was a typically late swoop in a similar contest in July, and since then Opportune has run well twice in defeat.
Kibre Dawit and Opportune Santos smile for the camera.
The entry of Allianz into the D&O market comes at a most opportune time," says David Nikolai, managing director of Marsh USA's FINPRO division.
There has never been a more opportune time to join the State Department: we are increasing our hires in the Foreign Service, offering competitive salaries, generous benefit packages and support for families overseas.
Written two years before the success of her Pulitzer Prize-winning How I Learned to Drive, Paula Vogel's The Mineola Twins is receiving its splashy New York debut at the Roundabout Theatre at an opportune time.
I also think the timing of their debates is opportune and this confirms New Hampshire's role as well as confirming Fox's dedication to help better educate the New Hampshire voters.
b) Allows the concessionaire, given the atypical situation in its market due to the lack of rainfall and the measures to encourage water savings in order to ensure supply, to apply, at a more opportune future date, the repositioning index arising from the tariff revision, proceeding to recalculate and restate the applicable amounts, in order to ensure its economic and financial balance;
In particular, private equity firms have capitalized on this opportune time to invest in hotels, adopting a combined income and capital growth strategy and public REITs continue to be active investors due to their strong earnings multiples.
These videos are each designed to assist your baby, ages three and under, in the process of learning an alternative language during the most opportune time in their new life by using key strategies for simple, effective, and proven methods for linguistic education.
I think it is opportune to recall that the lawmaker, and the Catholic lawmaker in particular, cannot contribute to the formulation or approval of laws contrary to the first and essential norms that regulate moral life," the Pope said when receiving Carlos Luis Custer, Argentina's new ambassador to the Holy See.