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Yulon's board recently announced to cancel a land development project next to its auto plant in Sanyi, central Taiwan, which originally aimed to expand annual capacity to 200,000 internal combustion engines and electric cars, adding that the reversal is to evade uncertainties related to the project, with the group to instead develop independently such land and build opportunely production lines.
But it's possible that many of them still enjoy the forgetfulness of Marcos and the sometimes impatient, sometimes opportunely ambiguous responses of Claudia.
In April 2006, at the end of Uribe's first term, the Procuraduria's verdict was overturned by a decision of the Consejo del Estado--one of Colombia's four high courts--that took up the appeal because "[Santoyo] was not opportunely and duly informed of the sanction against him" as the law calls for.
Facebook users are not searching for local businesses--they're socializing online, so the advertising is less targeted and less opportunely timed.
Additional pins were opportunely mounted at the top and at the bottom of the fin sample assembly to facilitate the mechanical separation of the fin sample assembly from the T-blocks without destroying the integrity of the frost accumulate on the fins.
In the provisions he drew for a new state he endeavoured to avoid potential threats of isolated societies similar to Christian monasteries which would opportunely amass knowledge and riches but would otherwise be unable to defend themselves.
And through the years, thousands of Assumption College student-athletes, who opportunely had to pass by the school's sports information headquarters to get to the nearby locker rooms, took Morris up on the obvious invitation.
Overlay name's any letter opportunely, sign's incurred.
If we hadn't acted opportunely, today we would have market conditions that would have led to a significant rise in the price of sugar," said the SE.
Constancy may save a president from the charge of flip-flopping, but (as I explain later) at the cost of failing to respond opportunely to changed circumstances.
Mobile and opportunely shaped tables afford the option to reconfigure, depending on specific lesson plans.
His interest in illustrating, however, was greater than his scholarly interests and, opportunely, Otis Mason was in a position to help.