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uninc. town (1990 pop. 22,326), Spokane co., E Wash., a suburb of Spokane. It is a growing residential town.


See Mars Exploration Rovers.
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The company says that True Opportunity's reporting system presents process improvement opportunities at any level of an organization.
The act provides many planning opportunities for CPAs in advising their clients.
Opportunities For Learning, an independent academic program with facilities sprinkled throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties, could lose its charter with the William S.
This paper highlights many of the existing opportunities that exist at most institutions, which can be leveraged to support IT projects.
In 1981, I got involved with the (East Bay Chapter) MAP committee, mainly for the networking opportunities and the assistance that comes with having a strong network of professionals," Yahng says.
Employment involves matching potential employees with job opportunities.
An essential part of the DoD technology transition mission is to promote partnering opportunities between the private sector and defense laboratories.
Lenders focused on the financing of special situation real estate transactions, such as distressed debt purchases, will find more opportunities to deploy capital in the upcoming higher interest rate environment.
Career development activities that promote career goals, career interests, transferable occupational skills, decision-making skills; and the refraining of occupational opportunities can lead to greater vocational satisfaction in adulthood for people with mental retardation.
But change and uncertainty also provide opportunities, and anticipating them enables managers to not just adjust but also profit from them.
She adds that a lot of minority businesses would not be able to participate in supplier diversity programs today if it were not for these lower tier opportunities.
The widely quoted United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Arab Human Development Reports for 2002 and 2003 examine in considerable detail the challenges and opportunities for building a better Middle East.

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