opportunity school

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opportunity school:

see illiteracyilliteracy,
inability to meet a certain minimum criterion of reading and writing skill. Definition of Illiteracy

The exact nature of the criterion varies, so that illiteracy must be defined in each case before the term can be used in a meaningful way. In 1930 the U.
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The grant was made to Equal Opportunity Schools as part of its effort to enroll 100,000 low-income students and students of color in Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) high school classes across the country.
For instance, the LAUSD plans to save $4 million in recently renegotiated utility contracts and another $4 million by converting opportunity schools to community day schools to qualify for additional state funding.
Equal Opportunity Schools works with schools to match students of diverse backgrounds with more academically intense coursework, such as AP.
ASAM approved tests are administered at California Youth Authority schools, continuation high schools, charter schools, community day schools, county community schools, county juvenile court schools and opportunity schools that enroll high-risk students at the elementary, middle and high school levels.
The school district also plans to convert six opportunity schools, which serve some 1,200 at-risk students, to Community Day Schools, which serve only students who have been expelled, for a total savings of $4 million.
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