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The good news is that today's technology enables more rigorous troubleshooting of both armament systems and associated optical guidance units of certain PGMs that operate using MIL-STD-1760 communications.
The Ambu aScope 2 was advanced through the lumen of the SGA and inserted into the trachea of the manikin under optical guidance.
This has been taken further with the optical guidance of hoes to remove weeds between rows and between plants within the row.
The Trilogy machine is outfitted with two imaging systems that make it possible to deliver radiation with great precision: the On-Board Imager(R) device for generating 3-D images of the targeted area prior to treatment, and the FramelessArray(TM) optical guidance system, which uses an optical camera to continuously monitor the patient's position during treatment.
We at Optical Guidance Systems found Rick Fienberg's January editorial very disappointing.
These include very accurate differential global positioning system (DGPS) guidance and optical guidance to provide a "virtual rail" while the AutoTram travels smoothly on rubber tires and air suspension system.
The optical guidance system, which helps buses take the most effective route, is already used on the continent.
An optical guidance system follows routes marked on the floor with stainless steel foil backed by adhesive tape.
Plus, the IDF had chosen to send the drones in with the sun directly behind them, degrading the Syrian SAM's optical guidance systems and forcing the Syrian SAM operators to turn on their radars to counter what seemed to them to be an imminent attack.
Civis will have a driver, but will run in its own lane, steered by the optical guidance system.
This design innovation, the placing of magnetic data tracks on one side of the tape and indelible optical guidance tracks on the other, provides increased storage space on the magnetic side of the media.
MBB uses a very thin lightweight optical guidance fiber more than 15 km long with an optical attenuation of only 1.