optical sensing

optical sensing,

in general, any method by which information that occurs as variations in the intensity, or some other property, of light is translated into an electric signal. This is usually accomplished by the use of various photoelectric devices. In one method, known as optical character recognition, a computer is given the capability of "reading" printed characters. Reflected or transmitted light from the character strikes an array of photoelectric cells, which effectively dissect it into light and dark areas. By analysis of these areas the computer is able to recognize the character, with some tolerance for less than perfect and uniform printing. Optical sensing is also used in various pattern-recognition systems, e.g., in military reconnaissance and astronomical observation; it is also used in photographic development, to enhance detail and contrast.
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As DAS technology relies on optical sensing, it is free from any electromagnetic interference as well as the risk of electric hazards which affect electrical sensing systems.
Objective: The development of compact, low cost, power efficient, tunable lasers and frequency combs spanning large bandwidths, exhibiting excellent output beam characteristics, such as the ones achieved in solid-state sources, and expanding the wavelength ranges of by typical solid-state materials, will greatly benefit application fields such as optical sensing, spectroscopy, metrology and telecommunications.
Patent 8,969,470 (March 3, 2015), "Quantum Dot-Polymer Nanocomposite for Optical Sensing," Sichu Li (Mitre Corporation, McLean, Virginia, USA).
The machines navigate their way around with the use of an optical sensing system.
The OxySense Technology and its innovative optical sensing systems can be found in research labs and on the production floors of many of the world's most progressive companies.
The unit operates on the optical sensing technique and, depending on the product variant, provides 250 to 2,500 impulses per turn.
It's designed to enable multi-channel, closerange optical sensing systems where touch screen swiping and zooming gestures are the commands.
OLS Series sensors incorporate an LED and phototransistor, which are housed within an optical sensing tip at the head of the device.
He added that it could be used in optical sensing as a heavy metal sensor and it also has a high sensitivity to gas.
The presentation also provided an overview of optical sensing techniques and sensors such as distributed temperature sensing, optical pressure gauges, distributed strain measurement for integrity monitoring and distributed acoustic sensing.
FODetect's scanning capability is based on 77GHz radar, optical sensing and image processing.
Handbook of optical sensing of glucose in biological fluids and tissues.

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