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(ō`pəs) [Lat.,=work], in music, term used in cataloging a composer's works, designating either a single composition or a group published together or considered a unit. Opus numbers assigned by the composer are of greater value than those assigned by the publisher. Beethoven was the first composer whose use of opus numbers was consistent enough to be of value.


(usually followed by a number) a musical composition by a particular composer, generally catalogued in order of publication


(project, product)
A Honeywell operating system promised as a sop to customers after canning Multics in 1985. Opus was to provide everything Multics had and more, plus total compatibility with the Level 6/DPS6 operating system.

"Opus" was a code name, the system was officially named VS3 (short for HVS R3 or Honeywell Virtual System Release Three). It was to run on the DPS6-plus hardware known internally as the MRX and HRX, and be all things to all people.

The hardware was a dud (though it did run the native DPS6 software just fine), and the goal was, shall we say, ambitious. The effort was cancelled by Bull in 1987, in favor of another project going on in France.
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Both, the purchase price and RSLabs current revenues are insignificant in relation to Opus Groups revenues and total assets.
As divisions of Opus, CEC and RPM will immediately begin expanding beyond their downtown Los Angeles location into Orange County from Opus' Irvine headquarters location and into the Puget Sound region of Washington from Opus' Bellevue banking office.
The late Jaime Cardinal Sin hosted a dinner for him at Villa San Miguel, during which the late Cardinal thanked Del Portillo for the work of Opus Dei in the Philippines, "spreading the message of the universal call to holiness among the lay faithful and bringing spirituality to the secular environments where the priests and religious cannot reach.
Both the '91 and '95 display characteristics of Opus One quality and evenness, but it's the `97 that portrays the loveliness, the all-round facets of bouquet, flavor, texture and finish, that make a great wine.
But when Opus Dave's metal garter gets ruined in the wash - he has to find new ways of sharing "Christ's blessed pain".
Opus Dei members run schools and hospitals and other institutions.
But Opus insisted that he should be put on a higher commercial rate and charged 17.
Opus Dei, Latin for "work of God," has, according to media reports, at least 3,000 members in the United States--but its influence, critics say, has been more substantial than its numbers would indicate.
The following is an excerpt from the book Opus Dei: An Objective Look Behind the Myths and Reality of the Most Controversial Force in the Catholic Church by John L.
Opus Dei: The First Objective Look Behind the Myths and Reality of the Most Controversial Force in the Catholic Church
The deal sees the operations of Welsh insurer Opus become part of global insurance broker Willis Group Holdings, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
Construction at OPUS, a new 64-unit luxury condominium project developed by the New York-based Clarett Group at 2770 Broadway on 107th Street, was ceremoniously topped out last week.