orbital velocity

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orbital velocity

The velocity of a satellite or other orbiting body at any given point in its orbit. It is also the velocity required by a satellite to enter an orbit around a body. The orbital velocity, v, is given by the expression
v = √[gR 2(2/r – 1/a )]
where R is the radius of the orbited body, r is the distance from the center of mass of the system (i.e. from the approximate center of the primary), a is the semimajor axis of the orbit, and g is the standard acceleration of gravity. For a circular orbit, r = a and the circular velocity is given by
v = √(gR 2/r )

To escape from an orbit a must tend to infinity and the escape velocity is then given by

v e = √(2gR 2/r )

The orbital period for an elliptical orbit is given by

P = 2πa 3/2/√gR 2

orbital velocity

[′ȯr·bəd·əl və′läs·əd·ē]
The instantaneous velocity at which an earth satellite or other orbiting body travels around the origin of its central force field.
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numerically evaluated the orbital velocity, particularly its horizontal components, including the effect of nonlinearity and current;
3) Orbital velocity keeps planets from being pulled in by the Sun's gravity.
The cargo is transferred from one orbit to the other using the orbital velocity of the system.
It doesn't actually go into orbit and it can't put anything else into orbit, because it can't achieve orbital velocity.
When the bottom orbital velocity is less than the magnitude of the steady current then the flow direction does not reverse and the mean current profile is advected back and forth.
To get from a standing start to orbit, the NASP will need at least three different engine systems, including turbojets to allow the plane to fly at low speeds; an as-yet-theoretical ramjet/scramjet combination, which will take the plane from supersonic to hypersonic speeds; and rockets to accelerate the plane to and from orbital velocity.
It also marks the Taurus XL's "return to flight" following a launch failure in 2009 during which the fairing encasing the satellite failed to properly separate from the rocket, preventing the satellite from achieving orbital velocity.
2], where z can be regarded as a geometric mean value between the number of the elementary charges of a nucleus and electrons interacting with each other, and v is the orbital velocity of the electron in some dimensionless units.
The stars in both halos are so far away from the center of the galaxy that their orbital velocity requires more gravity than visible matter supplies.
In Bohr's model each energy level is represented by the orbiting electron having a specific orbit with its own particular orbital velocity and orbital radius.
Stash appears to be approaching orbital velocity," said Dr.
Orbital velocity is an important diagnostic tool, notes Gilmore, because "it's one of the very few conserved quantifies" in the aftermath of a collision.