original sin

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original sin,

in Christian theology, the sin of AdamAdam
, [Heb.,=man], in the Bible, the first man. In the Book of Genesis, God creates humankind in his image as a species of male and female, giving them dominion over other life.
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, by which all humankind fell from divine gracegrace,
in Christian theology, the free favor of God toward humans, which is necessary for their salvation. A distinction is made between natural grace (e.g., the gift of life) and supernatural grace, by which God makes a person (born sinful because of original sin) capable of
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. Saint AugustineAugustine, Saint
, Lat. Aurelius Augustinus, 354–430, one of the Latin Fathers of the Church and a Doctor of the Church, bishop of Hippo (near present-day Annaba, Algeria), b. Tagaste (c.40 mi/60 km S of Hippo). Life

Augustine's mother, St.
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 was the fundamental theologian in the formulation of this doctrine, which states that the essentially graceless nature of humanity requires redemption to save it. The purpose of baptismbaptism
[Gr., =dipping], in most Christian churches a sacrament. It is a rite of purification by water, a ceremony invoking the grace of God to regenerate the person, free him or her from sin, and make that person a part of the church.
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 is to wash away original sin and to restore the individual to an innocent state, although even after baptism a tendency to sin remains as a result of original sin.

original sin

a state of sin held to be innate in mankind as the descendants of Adam
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In his journey towards Anglicanism, a constellation of related shifts appeared in his thinking: from Socinianism to Trinitarianism, from confidence in perfectibility to a need for redemption, and, crucially, from a view that evil is actually part of divine benevolence to an acceptance of original sin.
Marpeck defended himself against the charge by pointing to early Christian controversy about original sin and predestination, arguing that the Augustinian answer was open to question.
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Effectively stealing some thunder from his own forthcoming encyclical on social themes, Pope Benedict XVI insisted last month that underneath the current global economic crisis lurks greed, rooted in original sin, and that reform of global economic architecture will be of little use without the conversion of individual hearts.
In an article entitled "Aliens Are My Brother" in the official Vatican newspaper, Father Gabriel Funes says that intelligent beings created by God could exist in outer space and may even be free from original sin.
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