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orle, orlet

A narrow band, or series of small members, taking the form of a border.
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While Mr and Mrs Bailey run the five-star Orles Barn Restaurant in Ross-on-Wye, he said the plans for the Bank House did not include it being upgraded to five-star status.
Orles exigences psychoaffectives inherentes a une telle abnegation sont immenses, poursuit-il; il faut presque << toute une vie pour que le renoncement conduise a la serenite en presence et a l'endroit de ce qui est sacrifie >> (56).
Orle regard psychanalytique de Lussier confere une tournure originale a la critique du rigorisme puritain : ce dernier est considere a ses yeux comme le principe d'un veritable desequilibre des genres.
One of the fans of Rowlestone is Dan Wall, head chef at Orles Barn at Wilton, Ross-on-Wye.
Orles Barn, which has five beautiful bedrooms and is run by Richard and Kelly Bailey, has acquired a strong local reputation for Dan's cooking in a relatively short period of time.