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orle, orlet

A narrow band, or series of small members, taking the form of a border.
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Jeremiah Worman, Van Sleet and Orlet have contacted 70 clergy and social service groups in the diocese to let them know about the group, Parish.
That was the experience both Van Sleet, who gave up a daughter in 1996, and for Orlet, who gave up a son in 1973.
Van Sleet and Orlet founded the support group to help birth mothers deal with these problems and to help them find their children, if they wish.
Last May, Van Sleet brought her idea for the support group to a parish stewardship day and approached Orlet, a nurse at the hospital where she volunteered.
Early in the year 1353, for example, Lois Orlet had cut off the left hand of Johan Robert during a fight.
Orlet, pourparty and pahas are in Webster's Second; aulas, departmentally and pylae in Webster's Third.
WASHINGTON -- Recognize parenting strategies that hinder or support the development of healthy eating patterns, and you can help prevent obesity in toddlers, Jennifer Orlet Fisher, Ph.