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Three new techniques for handling a casting during the shot blast operation include robot holding and transfer, the oscillating conveyor cage with roll feature and the vibrating work conveyor.
The sand must be transported from shakeout to reclamation by oscillating conveyor, hot belt or a vehicle loader.
Discharge from the flavouring drum is fed onto the infeed belt of the dryer, where a Wright Machinery oscillating conveyor ensures even coverage.
Choice of ram pusher, spiked fingers with oscillating conveyor, belt, or roller-bed feeding.
Outside the plant wall, a hinged steel-belt conveyor elevates material discharged from the oscillating conveyor system.
Action Machinery's Impactor air-operated sledgehammer removes risers and breaks runners and gates from any position or altitude--even on an oscillating conveyor or shakeout.
It is, essentially, an air-classifier containing an oscillating conveyor.
It was at this research stage that we visited with a representative of Prab Conveyors Inc, Kalamazoo, MI, who suggested a combination of conveyors and took us to examine an oscillating conveyor being used in a difficult stamping operation.
Subsequently, the company added vibrating feeders and foundry equipment, including shakeouts, compaction tables, reclaimers and oscillating conveyors.
However, oscillating conveyors with scalping decks are used when huge quantities of tramp material are mixed with the abrasive.
After pouring, molds are cooled on three oscillating conveyors beneath a dust collection system to eliminate smoke.
Bulk materials-handling equipment includes flexible screw conveyors, tubular drag conveyors, and oscillating conveyors.