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According to the literature study, the oscillating magnetic field affects different bacterial strains in lag-phase of their growth [2].
An oscillating magnetic field is applied to make the nickel parts move from side to side, in turn swinging the head and tail and creating movement - essentially, swimming.
The oscillating magnetic field of the single-phase stator, while it generates current and magnetic fields in the rotor, does not induce rotation in the rotor.
to an oscillating magnetic field which propagates through space as a wave.
mpi signal is derived from the non-linear re-magnetization response of the particles in the oscillating magnetic field.
The basics of wireless power transfer involve the inductive transmission of energy from a transmitter to a receiver via an oscillating magnetic field.
Kantar, Dynamic compensation temperatures in the mixed spin-1 and spin-3/2 Ising system under a time-dependent oscillating magnetic field, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials: 322, 2789 (2010).
This application takes advantage of the temperature increase generated by the magnetic nanoparticles in the presence of an oscillating magnetic field.
An oscillating electric field generates an oscillating magnetic field, and an oscillating magnetic field generates an oscillating electric field.
An oscillating magnetic field produces an electrical field, and when oscillated at the proper frequency (1 Hz/sec), that electrical field can produce prolonged depression of excitability of the brain cortex.
Because an oscillating magnetic field generates an oscillating electric field, and vice versa, the two fields sustain each other as the wave propagates.
An oscillating magnetic field at the correct frequency can make nuclei change from low- to high-energy states.