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Any effect that varies in a back-and-forth or reciprocating manner. Examples of oscillation include the variations of pressure in a sound wave and the fluctuations in a mathematical function whose value repeatedly alternates above and below some mean value.

The term oscillation is for most purposes synonymous with vibration, although the latter sometimes implies primarily a mechanical motion. The alternating current and the associated electric and magnetic fields are referred to as electric (or electromagnetic) oscillations.

If a system is set into oscillation by some initial disturbance and then left alone, the effect is called a free oscillation. A forced oscillation is one in which the oscillation is in response to a steadily applied periodic disturbance.

Any oscillation that continually decreases in amplitude, usually because the oscillating system is sending out energy, is spoken of as a damped oscillation. An oscillation that maintains a steady amplitude, usually because of an outside source of energy, is undamped. See Anharmonic oscillator, Damping, Forced oscillation, Harmonic oscillator, Vibration


(control systems)
The oscillation of a real-valued function on an interval is the difference between its least upper bound and greatest lower bound there.
The oscillation of a real-valued function at a point x is the limit of the oscillation of the function on the interval [x-e, x + e ] as e approaches 0. Also known as saltus.
Any effect that varies periodically back and forth between two values.
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Data segments 1 and 2 contain both a clearly visible oscillation of [theta](t) (see subfigures a1-3 of Fig.
A UNC School of Medicine study, published in the journal Cortex, showed that using a 10-Hertz current run through electrodes attached to the scalp enhanced the brain's natural alpha wave oscillations -- prominent rhythmic patterns that can be seen on an electroencephalogram, or EEG.
However, few studies are concerned about its stress oscillation phenomenon.
besides the electric charges in central electrode 9 (which value will correlate with the stochastic oscillation in contact zone) the longitudinal oscillation of piezoelectric plate at the oscillatory node (I form, [[delta].
int] has been studied by several groups; however, we decided to establish the repeatability of pressure oscillation amplitudes [24].
For the comparative analysis of the effect of factors on the damping capacity of the specimens with the selected coatings, preliminary tests were carried out to determine the amplitude dependences of the decrement of oscillations for the specimens without a coating in the given oscillation frequency range at room temperature (20[degrees]C), with the results show in Fig.
This study provides the first evidence that the daily oscillations of the cells' repair machinery can affect the potency of cancer drugs.
In recent years a third type of electrophysiological response, event-related oscillations (EROS) have been identified that may serve as a measure of cognitive functions and which, as described in this article, may serve as markers for alcoholism risk.
Further afield, the oscillation identity during the past 20 and more calendar years switches from the negative to the positive while retaining the positive airflow pattern (La Nina) throughout.
Excuse me for interrupting," I said, "but surely the Oscillation Project with Emulsion Tracking Apparatus would be OPETA, not OPERA.
What with all this climate change that's going on, maybe the southern oscillations have had a swap with the northern oscillations and invited the Arctic oscillation along for a laugh.