outer lining

outside casing, outside architrave, outside facing, outside lining, outside trim

outside casing
In a cased window frame, the members of the jamb or head which face outside of the building and appear as trim.
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Recent Food Standard Agency research has shown that bacteria from packaging can transfer to the outer lining of a Bag For Life, so be sure to use separate bags for raw meat, ready-to-eat food and non-food items.
Roof wood 220 m, steel supports, connecting parts, wooden base walls 2 000 m, gazebos with outer lining 1 200 m, GK.
We now know that women have egg precursor cells in the outer lining of our ovaries.
They discovered the toxin exerts some of its devastating effects by reducing the delivery of proteins to molecular junctions that normally act like Velcro to hold intestinal cells together in the outer lining of the gut.
Among the observations, the researchers found that a battery's shell casing--an outer lining of aluminum or steel--may contribute differently to overall resilience, depending on the crash.
The Raptor-infused outer lining is incredibly resistant to the abuse of both shooting and the Weather, and you'll love the high-visibility graphics and aiming points printed on it.
Looking at pictures in his report, DI Skoglund said the jacket worn by the man lying in the street was damaged and that the outer lining was "destroyed", showing the inner lining and insulation.
They look like tiny blobs that contain one or more center structures, surrounded by a flexible outer lining.
But NHS surgeon Adrian Marchbank managed to remove it by taking out half a lung and some outer lining of Stephen's heart.
According to DLEU Commander Philippos Vrondos yesterday, the 32-year-old man had hidden the drugs in the outer lining of two suitcases.
Police were baffled by small bloodstains on her underwear and the outer lining of her jeans pockets, which matched neither Ms Skipper, her former husband or new partner James Turner.
CellResearch Corporation (Singapore) and its team of scientists, headed by Chief Scientist, Dr Phan Toan Thang, have recently discovered that the outer lining of the umbilical cord is a rich source of stem cells.