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(in Russian, zastava). (I) An element for the security of troops on the march (advance parties, flank parties, and rear parties) and for the security of troops at rest (outpost supports and detached outpost supports). The mission of the outpost is to prevent unexpected attacks by the enemy and deep penetration by its ground reconnaissance and to ensure the troops it protects favorable conditions for deployment and combat.

(2) A border outpost is an organic unit of border troops protecting a specified sector of the state frontier.

(3) In the 16th through the 19th centuries the entrance or exit point of a city that was guarded by sentries and where documents were checked and tariffs collected was called the zastava.

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The government will discuss a proposal by Israeli Minister of army, Avigdor Lieberman, demanding full recognition and legalization of the outpost, which will provide it government funding and development.
A report from the regional police in Camp Simeon Ola in Legazpi City, said that the NPA rebels who attacked the Gubat outpost were on board a van and a motorcycle.
The report also revealed that the council spent $5 million towards public infrastructure in the outposts, allocated 500,000 shekels for "preserving state lands" and transferred $1 million to the Yesha Settlement Council.
The incidents started when civilian and unarmed demonstrators protested a military outpost that is under construction in Lice.
Peace Now submitted in 2007 a petition against six outposts considered by the Israeli government as illegal.
Peace Now said that the two new outposts contain mobile homes, infrastructure, electricity, water and roads and even air-conditioning.
Further demolitions in another four outposts are expected to take place by the year's end.
Last week, the government sent troops to dismantle two outposts.
Netanyahu told his right-wing Likud faction on Monday that Israel would have to dismantle what it considers illegal outposts, as demanded by Washington, since the issue of Iran was more important, newspaper reports said.
Phase one of the plan requires Israel to halt settlement construction and take down unauthorised settlement outposts built after March 2001.
Richtsmeier, the 1st Marine Logistics Group (Forward) commanding officer in Iraq, ordered the men to come up with an armor kit for the TRAMs, which were planned to be used to build new combat outposts throughout the city.
We travel with him to strange outposts in the Indian Ocean, to Tristan da Cunha, Gibraltar, Ascension Island, St.