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(in Russian, zastava). (I) An element for the security of troops on the march (advance parties, flank parties, and rear parties) and for the security of troops at rest (outpost supports and detached outpost supports). The mission of the outpost is to prevent unexpected attacks by the enemy and deep penetration by its ground reconnaissance and to ensure the troops it protects favorable conditions for deployment and combat.

(2) A border outpost is an organic unit of border troops protecting a specified sector of the state frontier.

(3) In the 16th through the 19th centuries the entrance or exit point of a city that was guarded by sentries and where documents were checked and tariffs collected was called the zastava.

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20 (Petra) - Mateh Binyamin Regional Council in the West Bank has disbursed $20 million during the past years to several unauthorized outposts even though such actions are prohibited, Hretz newspaper reported Monday.
The houses to be evacuated stand in the illegal outposts of Givat Assaf, Mitzpe Yitzhar and Ma'aleh Rehavam.
Ramallah: The Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) has strongly condemned Israel's establishment of two new outposts in the West Bank, branding the creation of Nahalei Tal, north west of Ramallah, and Tzofim North, north of Qalqilia, as the latest episode of the ongoing war waged by the Israeli government against the Palestinian Territories.
Israel did not implement any of its obligations despite the set rules by the Israeli Supreme Court and the international plan that urged the occupation authorities to dismantle the outposts and stop the settlements on the Palestinian territories.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Environment and Urban Planning Minister Erdoy-an Bayraktar has said his ministry will continue working to construct new military outposts on Turkey's eastern and southeastern borders as previously planned, adding newly constructed outposts are not targeted in terrorist attacks because they are well constructed.
Despite that status, most of the outposts have been provided with basic infrastructure by the government.
backed "road map" with the Palestinians, Israel has agreed to dismantle outposts where construction has not been sanctioned by authorities.
So far Obama's challenges to Israel have been theoretical, and the only substantive demand that Washington has made involves the 100 or so Jewish outposts in the West Bank.
But on Sunday, most ministers in the right-leaning cabinet criticized the idea of dismantling any settlements, including so-called outposts -- those the Israeli government itself considers illegal.
Part of the destabilizing force is the "illegal" outposts and the ever-expanding "legal" Jewish settlements on the West Bank.
Cameras by Wolf Camera" represents the successful implementation of our business strategy of offering e-commerce services to traditional brick and mortar retailers," said Bob Bowman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Outposts.
Short of having the phones answered by an army of high-priced professionals at each of the outposts, the Warm Line could enlist the best of this army to write suggestions for managing the problems that are common to each target group.