outside trim

outside casing, outside architrave, outside facing, outside lining, outside trim

outside casing
In a cased window frame, the members of the jamb or head which face outside of the building and appear as trim.
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Dad-of-one Quinn brought officers to the site where the body had been dumped outside Trim and claimed the victim had stabbed himself with a knife prior to being beaten with an iron bar and bundled into the car.
For example the outside trim can include flashes of colour on the mirrors, headlamp surrounds, bumpers and alloys.
BOYNE Bank Stud outside Trim in County Meath seems to have the habit of producing top-class jumping siblings.
We moved to a new yard a month ago, just 10 minutes away from the old one outside Trim, and we've had 10 or 11 winners already.
Next we measured from the back of the outside trim, or brick molding, to the face of the interior wall to find the jamb width.
Typical operations in which the R-SOM machine is used include outside trim, inside trim, slitting, cross cutting, cross-hole punching, piercing, pressure testing, vacuum testing, compound trim dies, marking, inspection, coating surfaces and metal insert testing.
Tony Martin who trains not far from the course outside Trim has done a marvellous job with Davids Lad considering the horse has risen 48lb in the ratings since his first win over fences last autumn.
Tony Martin who trains not far from the course outside Trim, has done a marvellous job with Davids Lad, who has risen 48lb in the ratings since opening his account over fences at Navan last autumn.
For example, the company goes the extra mile to build seamless railings, floating balconies, custom kitchens, staircases, and inside and outside trim.
My only companion, an Ole Miss graduate student, was fixing some of the outside trim and trying to keep the house in shape without making any significant changes.
By simply replacing the outside trim with the "Locknetics on Board" version, organizations obtain instant card access.
He added it was about eight miles outside Trim but locals in the town had heard little about the identity of the deceased.