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A hormone found in the serum of humans and certain other animals during pregnancy; probably acting with progesterone and estrogen, it causes relaxation of pelvic ligaments in the guinea pig.



a hormone formed mainly in the ovaries that produces relaxation of the ligaments of the pubic symphysis of the pubic bones during pregnancy; as a result, the pelvis widens and normal childbirth is facilitated. Relaxin also characteristically inhibits the spontaneous contractions of the uterus.

Chemically relaxin is a polypeptide. Refined sow relaxin exhibits pronounced basic properties; it has molecular weight of about 6,500 and a structure of two subunits, consisting respectively of 22 and 28–31 amino-acid residues, joined by a disulfide bond. The primary structure has not been determined. The biosynthesis of either relaxin or the polypeptides that are closely related to it structurally is also possible in tissues found in the uterus and placenta.

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The findings of the present study also demonstrate that isoflavones can normalize elevated leukocyte counts due to ovarian hormone deficiency, without causing lymphocytopenia.
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associate professor and section head of reproductive medicine at Wake Forest Baptist, said "This research project is interesting because it offers hope to replace natural ovarian hormones in women with premature ovarian failure or in women going through menopause.
The key factor may be the abrupt removal of ovarian hormones, in contrast with natural menopause in which there is a gradual decline, but that's something we need to study further," said Visvanathan.
The Plan Ahead test, launched by Lifestyle Choices, measures three hormones in the blood - two ovarian hormones called Inhibin B and AMH, and the pituitary hormone called FSH.
Some women with low ovarian hormones do not improve with menopausal hormone therapy while many women with very low hormones have normal levels of desire.
The difference between risk levels of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is thought to be due to the effects of aging, meaning that ovarian hormones promote tumor growth after the initial radiation exposure.
Researchers suspect that ovarian hormones flooding through the body at puberty might damage breast cells in genetically susceptible women.
Ovarian hormones may affect the synthesis, release/reuptake, and enzymatic inactivation of ovarian steroids, nerve membrane excitability, and pre- and postsynaptic receptor sensitivity.
Moreover, Qutb maintains that the differences between men and women do not stem from the physical differences of the genitalia, the presence of a womb, or pregnancy, but from more basic aspects such as the ovarian hormones, which differentiate all the cells and tissues of the female from that of the male, as well as her physical parts, and, most of all, her nervous system.
Odors from females that stimulate self-grooming by males are dependent on ovarian hormones,' the team concludes.
With surgical menopause, the abrupt cessation of ovarian hormones, including estrogen, typically results in more severe symptoms and, in some studies, earlier onset of osteoporosis and coronary heart disease.