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Computing a condition that occurs when numeric operations produce results too large to store in the register available



a barrier across which a stream of water flows; in hydraulic engineering an overflow is called a spillway, with water flowing freely over its crest. In order to guide the flow, rectangular openings bounded on the sides by abutments or intermediate walls (piers) are made in the crest. A distinction is made among overflows with narrow or broad ramps and with an ogee section built to match the coordinates of a freely falling stream and having maximum carrying capacity. An ogee-section overflow can be of the vacuum type (if the pres-sure on the ramp beneath the stream is less than atmospheric pressure) or the nonvacuum type (if the pressure is greater than atmospheric pressure). Overflows used in laboratory and hydrometric work to measure water flow rate are called meter overflows.


(civil engineering)
Any device or structure that conducts excess water or sewage from a conduit or container.
(computer science)
The condition that arises when the result of an arithmetic operation exeeds the storage capacity of the indicated result-holding storage.
That part of the result which exceeds the storage capacity.
(science and technology)
Excess liquid which overflows its given limits.

overflow, overflow pipe

overflow, 2
overflow, 1
1. A pipe used to remove excess water and/or to prevent flooding in certain sanitary fixtures, storage tanks, and plumbing fittings.
2. An outlet for a storage tank; used to prevent flooding or to set the water level in the tank.
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The ISO HO 00 03 provides coverage for water damage that is the result of a discharge or overflow of a plumbing, heating, air conditioning, or household appliance if it is on the residence premises.
The discovery of the sewage overflow into Lake Quinsigamond led to the closing of Regatta Point and Lake Park State Beach because of health concerns.
Oregon's wet weather can have a smelly side effect: Sewage overflows, as rainfall overwhelms sewer lines.
This improves the efficiency of fuel level measuring operations, reduces workload, and helps prevent overflows, thus reducing the risk of fuel spills and environmental damage from fuel tank overfill.
Gungor Yuksel, Headman of the Degirmenyeri Village said they had faced a similar overflow in 2006 but it was terrible and most dangerous than 2006.
Combined sewer overflows discharge wastewater into watercourses during heavy rain, to protect properties and surrounding land.
The civic body has appealed to all establishments and companies that own or operate labour accommodation in Dubai to comply to its call to avoid overflow of wastewater in labour accommodation as this phenomenon will have a negative impact on public health, the environment and the image of the emirate.
Official Thomas Bell said: "There is no limit on the sewage which can come out of these overflows.