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Asked whether not defining a ceiling for OPEC output by the meeting's statement would legitimize the group's oversupply, he said: "[By the statement] we have not approved of the oversupply- if we agreed with a higher ceiling then we must bear the market's reaction but now the aftermaths of the oversupply is directed at those who have supplied more than the market's need.
This sector is suffering from the combination of oversupply and slowing demand, not least from China where the process of moving away from an investment and export driven economy towards a consumer driven economy has taken its toll on raw materials such as copper, steel and iron ore.
The one category that is still far removed from any immediate oversupply situation is in the affordable segment, anything in the Dh1,000 a square foot and below range.
to oversupply arguably will prove more efficient than curtailing wind
Savills had said in late 2012 that there was no threat of oversupply in central London, but the picture has since changed.
Neill says that both policies are likely an attempt to reduce issues of housing stock oversupply in Abu Dhabi, where according to some figures, rents have fallen by up to 25 percent in some areas over the last year.
Though the UAE residential construction market is still marked by oversupply, the market did show some signs of stability, particularly in the second half of 2011.
3m fewer salmon in 2011 and 2012, which should help reduce the current oversupply.
Dubai shopping mall space is expected to increase 30 percent between 2010 and 2013, leading to an oversupply of more than 1 million sq metres (10.
Schaefer put Europe's gas oversupply at 30-40 Bcm and said a global gas glut, brought on by unconventional gas in the U.
THE cost of renting a home in Wales has fallen due to an oversupply of flats and apartments in Cardiff, it was claimed yesterday.
4%, higher than anything seen in 2009, has pushed the market to further levels of oversupply, especially in the face of an uncertain outlook in the second half of 2010.