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We have been visiting people ahead of events and we have used both overt and, in some cases, covert tactics.
550 mg (XIFAXAN/TARGAXAN) in the Reduction of Recurrence of Overt Hepatic Encephalopathy in United Kingdom.
12) reported that decreased muscle strength was frequent in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism, similar to that in patients with overt hypothyroidism, and they supported these findings by using electromyography (12).
Muscat: In a bold and overt move supporting the nationalisation agenda, HSBC Bank Oman has announced the appointment of three new senior executives in key strategic business areas.
Similarly, the rates of overt gastroduodenal bleeding, overt upper GI bleeding of unknown origin, and a composite of all overt and occult GI bleeding events also were significantly lower with the active drug.
From this rostrum, the Kingdom of Morocco calls on the international community to increase its involvement and work for the settlement of all disputes - whether overt or latent - which strain relations between neighbouring states and hamper the indispensable integration of their economies, particularly in Africa," the Monarch underlined.
Studies of hypnotic, covert and overt aversive techniques have yielded equivocal results when each has been examined for a singular effect on weight lost.
He added: "While we prefer overt police action as a visible deterrent to any covert operations, we certainly warmly welcome the commonsense approach taken towards minor offences.
In the pre-TCD group, there were 21 patients with overt stroke, three with other neurological events and two with indeterminate events.
The brands want an overt technology that doesn't require them to buy and distribute costly devices so they can authenticate the product in the field," Gray says.
The researchers assessed the 23,316 gravid women "to clarify the risk of adverse outcomes associated with degrees of maternal glucose intolerance less severe than overt diabetes mellitus.
In this publication, the Subcommittee distinguished overt DIC from non-overt DIC.