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Fourteen days post overt infection (dpi), the rChIFN-[alpha]-water was replaced with plain water for the remaining 14 days of the study.
Another potential interpretation of these rules is that hsCRP should be used in conditions other than cardiovascular disease, where overt infection or inflammation is absent, whereas cCRP should be used in risk assessment of heart disease.
We have identified several factors that may have contributed to this resurgence: lowered herd immunity, increasing virus transmission outside the home, more clinically overt infection as a consequence of adult infection, and a shift in the surveillance emphasis of the vector control program.
Our patients had evidence of overt infections such as pyoderma, gastroenteritis or bronchopneumonia at the time of enrollment.
Such concentrations fall well below those usually associated with overt infections or inflammation but within the range that, in other studies, put apparently healthy people at high risk of heart attacks or strokes.