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Discharge of an ovum or ovule from the ovary.



the discharge of the ovum from the ovary into the body cavity. The follicle that contains the ovum ruptures during ovulation; in humans and mammals it is called the Graafian follicle. Ovulation occurs periodically in females of most vertebrates and in women. In some animals, for example, the rabbit, cat, and polecat, it is triggered by copulation. It is stimulated by gonadotrophic hormones, which are secreted by the pituitary gland and are controlled by the central nervous system. In birds the number of daylight hours is a signal for ovulation; in fish, water temperature.

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To further clarify the effect of insulin on the pituitary, the researchers compared the gonadotrophs of obese mice to those of lean mice by injecting the animals with gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), which stimulates LH and is critical for ovulation and fertility.
By deleting the insulin receptors in the pituitary cells of mice, the researchers managed to restore normal LH levels, maintain ovulation and near-intact fertility even in obese mice with elevated insulin levels.
The experiment was carried out to determine the timing of ovulation and changes in peripheral plasma concentrations of progesterone, estrogen and LH in Murrah buffaloes (n = 10) treated with Heatsynch protocol whereas (n = 5) were non -cycling on the basis of progesterone analysis therefore not taken for experiment.
Parameters recorded were: (i) behavioral and secondary signs of estrus, (ii) periovulatory LH, total estrogen and progesterone profile and (iii) timing of ovulation in relation to EB treatment and to the preovulatory estrogen and LH surges.
The first two criteria vary at ovulation in different women (so anything above a score of 9 or 10 can be normal), but the same woman should achieve the same cervical score from one ovulation to the next.
According to the authors of this study, ovulatory dysfunction is a main cause of female infertility, and clomiphene citrate is commonly used to induce ovulation in such women.
Time to ovulation for both OC groups was longer than in natural cycles.
Pierson hailed it as more effective than standard birth control pills at suppressing ovulation, and likely to become the most popular form of birth control.
For example, nutritional information and coupons for Stuart Prenatal(R) Vitamins are included in the instruction pamphlets found in their First Response One-Step Ovulation Predictor Test.
298) and its corollary that pregnancy, breast feeding an infant, or taking oral contraceptives lessens a woman's cancer risk by giving her welcome rests from ovulation and easing wear and tear on the ovaries.
NFP will not fail because of a second fertile period or secondary ovulation in the same cycle," says Spieler, who has conducted studies on ovulation.
For Becky Noble, the Ovulation Scope helped her with pregnancy planning.