packet driver

packet driver

IBM PC local area network software that divides data into packets which it routes to the network. It also handles incoming data, reassembling the packets so that application programs can read the data as a continuous stream.

FTP Software created the specification for IBM PC packet drivers but Crynwr Software dominate the market and have done the vast majority of the implementations.

Packet drivers provide a simple, common programming interface that allows multiple applications to share a network interface at the data link layer. Packet drivers demultiplex incoming packets among the applications by using the network media's standard packet type or service access point field(s).

The packet driver provides calls to initiate access to a specific packet type, to end access to it, to send a packet, to get statistics on the network interface and to get information about the interface.

Protocol implementations that use the packet driver can coexist and can make use of one another's services, whereas multiple applications which do not use the driver do not coexist on one machine properly. Through use of the packet driver, a user could run TCP/IP, XNS and a proprietary protocol implementation such as DECnet, Banyan's, LifeNet's, Novell's or 3Com's without the difficulties associated with pre-empting the network interface.

Applications which use the packet driver can also run on new network hardware of the same class without being modified; only a new packet driver need be supplied.

There are several levels of packet driver. The first is the basic packet driver, which provides minimal functionality but should be simple to implement and which uses very few host resources. The basic driver provides operations to broadcast and receive packets. The second driver is the extended packet driver, which is a superset of the basic driver. The extended driver supports less commonly used functions of the network interface such as multicast, and also gathers statistics on use of the interface and makes these available to the application. The third level, the high-performance functions, support performance improvements and tuning.
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US LEC has successfully deployed the ATM network consisting of Lucent Technologies' 7R/E(TM) Packet Driver elements, the Lucent CBX 500 ATM switch and the Lucent AC 120 Frame Relay ATM switch, well ahead of scheduled time commitments," said Tansukh Ganatra, US LEC's president and chief executive officer.
Silicom is cooperating with the Italian manufacturer to co-develop a special packet driver for the USNET Real-Time TCP/IP embedded networking protocol suite.
Developed by Lucent Technologies, the 7R/E(TM) Packet Driver allows voice and data traffic that would have traveled over the circuit-switched network to be carried over packet networks.
Its new 7R/E Packet Driver provides a smooth gateway to packet networks, allowing service providers to merge their voice and data networks as one.
The 7R/E Packet Driver easily evolves the 5ESS Switch to effectively handle voice-data convergence.
Under the agreement, Lucent will install its flagship 5ESS(TM) Digital Switch, the industry's most reliable switch capable of functioning as a gateway to convert voice signals into packets for travel over IP or ATM (or a combination of both) networks with the 7R/E(TM) Packet Driver.
The 7R/E Packet Driver turns the 5ESS Switch into a packet switch that can use existing hardware to provide a smooth transition into the future.
Nasdaq: CLEC), a switch-based competitive local exchange carrier, today announced that it will offer Frame Relay service in 1999 using Lucent Technologies' 7R/E(TM) Packet Driver.
This data portfolio includes the 7R/E Call Feature Server and the 7R/E Packet Driver and is designed to integrate every part of US LEC's network including local, long-distance and now, data.
Lucent will deploy its recently introduced Revolutionary Networking portfolio with the 7R/E(TM) Packet Driver as well as Ascend Communications' intelligent networking software for Omnitel's core GSM network.
The new 7R/E Packet Driver transforms the 5ESS Switch into a packet switch.
NYSE: LU), including the 7R/E Call Feature Server and the 7R/E Packet Driver.