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an agreement or compact between two or more parties, nations, etc., for mutual advantage



a term denoting various types of international agreements, usually dealing with such important political questions as mutual or collective security, mutual assistance, and nonaggression.

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Malala said despite the pact, the opposition will continue to call for dialogue to end electoral injustice, reconstitute the IEBC and end police brutality.
We then developed a structured interview guide to use in follow-up interviews with the goal of identifying key structural elements of PACT implementation, developed based on review of site visit interview transcripts, field notes taken during observations at PACT training events, VHA PACT-related e-mail communications, examination of PACT tracking measures used by VHA, and review of existing medical home assessment tools outside VHA, and feedback from clinical operations partners in the VISN.
They hardly understand the true implications of the pact for Afghanistan.
I am proud to be involved with PACT but these actions by the South Wales Police are somewhat of a kick in the teeth.
Meanwhile, South Korean President Lee Myung Bak on Monday rebuked officials for the mishandling of the pact with Japan, presidential spokesman Park Jeong Ha said in a news briefing.
The Syrian premier, accompanied by Rizkalla Antaky, the Syrian Minister of Economy, and a number of experts, are due to visit Baghdad in the immediate future to negotiate a military defence pact and a trade and economic agreement with Iraq, according to a reliable diplomatic source here.
If we see that there is a lot of work to be done before the final draft of the Pact is ready, then it will be voted on after the elections, which is probably a normal step so that we can be sure that political passions won't affect something that we want to make part of our most important law," he explained.
According to Borg, one of the problems with the euro pact is that it would politicise wage formation.
The Moroccan cities that have adhered to the pact include Rabat, Casablanca, Kenitra, Meknes, Essaouira, Ouarzazate, Khouribga, Settat, Temara and Benslimane.
security pact signed in 2007, calling it an "unconstitutional agreement.
Japan has maintained the non-nuclear principles of not possessing, producing or allowing nuclear weapons on its territory, but the secret nuclear pact effectively led Japan to allow port calls by U.
In this exploratory study, we examine how the PACT impacted pre-service teachers' academic and personal lives.