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a. the fleshy cushion-like underpart of the foot of a cat, dog, etc.
b. any of the parts constituting such a structure
2. Entomol a nontechnical name for pulvillus
3. the large flat floating leaf of the water lily
4. Electronics a resistive attenuator network inserted in the path of a signal to reduce amplitude or to match one circuit to another


An isolated mass of concrete forming a foundation.



a term used in Siberia and the Soviet Far East to designate ravines and the valleys of streams and small rivers.


(aerospace engineering)
A small circumscribed mass of fatty tissue, as in terminal phalanges of the fingers or the underside of the toes of an animal, such as a dog.
An arrangement of fixed resistors used to reduce the strength of a radio-frequency or audio-frequency signal by a desired fixed amount without introducing appreciable distortion. Also known as fixed attenuator.
A layer of material used as a cushion or for protection.
A projection of excess metal on a casting forging, or welded part.
An area within an airstrip or airway that is used for warming up the motors of an airplane before takeoff.
A block of stone or masonry set on a wall to distribute a load that is concentrated at that portion of the wall. Also known as padstone.
That portion of an airstrip or airway from which an airplane leaves the ground on takeoff or first touches the ground on landing.
The brickwork that is beneath the molten iron at the base of a blast furnace.

padstone, pad

A strong block bedded on a wall to distribute a concentrated load; a template, 2.



(1) To fill a data structure with bits or characters. See padding.

(2) (PAD) (Packet Assembler/Disassembler) A communications device that formats outgoing data into packets of the required length for transmission in an X.25 packet switching network. It also strips the data out of incoming packets.

(3) An iPad-like tablet. See iPad and tablet.
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