paint sprayer

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spray gun

spray gun
A tool, operated with compressed air or fluid pressure, which expels paint, mortar, etc., through a small orifice, onto the surface being coated. Also see concrete gun.
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Good paint sprayers need to be able to pay close attention to detail, sometimes for long periods of time.
Sarah hopes to follow in the footsteps of colleague Linsey Pearson who, as one of the country's only female paint sprayers, has enjoyed a six year long career with Benfield.
a Minneapolis, MN-based manufacturer of painting arid decorating products, used folded corrugated inserts to protect its professional-grade paint sprayers during shipment.
So I hie down to the Whitmore Lake hardware, rent this humongous paint sprayer, and fill it with light gray army surplus.
Paint sprayer Sandy Haining was driving the bike out of the forecourt of the garage where he worked.
The Paint Zoom paint sprayer works by simply pulling the trigger and painting.
Tools and materials: Safety specs Dust mask Micro-porous wood preserver/paint 18v paint sprayer 1.
Meanwhile, Backhoe Loader paint sprayer James Clark was also celebrating when he became the first JCB employee to cross the line in a time of 28 minutes and 24 seconds.
As well as attending college, Michael was able to gain some valuable hands-on experience through his job with Tanfield Body Repair as an apprentice paint sprayer.
He used to be a car paint sprayer and has also worked as a DJ in the past but I do not know what is doing now.
Ernie worked for many years as a paint sprayer at Abbey Metals and also worked at Reliant Motors at Tamworth and as a butcher's assistant at Sainsbury's in Coventry.
David Carless, general manager of Nationwide Crash Repairers, in Pontypridd, where Mr Roberts worked as a paint sprayer, said personnel files showed he was married and listed his wife as his emergency contact.