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dao, paldao

A variegated colored wood from the Philippines and New Guinea, having shades of gray, green, yellow, brown, and pink with dark streaks; moderately hard, heavy; used for cabinets, plywood, and interior finish.
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In addition to furniture and cabinetry, paldao is used for architectural projects, yachts, aircraft interiors, interior joinery and musical instruments.
Doug Newhouse, owner of Newhouse Wood & Veneer, described paldao as brown, sometimes with irregular dark brown to black streaks.
Custom designer and studio woodworker Thom Scott also is a fan of paldao and has used it in a variety of his own designs.
In the veneer form, paldao is a popular choice for fine furniture, cabinetry, marquetry and architectural uses such as paneling and doors.
of Edinburgh, IN, says his company stocks paldao at times.
We had some nice paldao logs in stock last year that were used in an architectural project in the New York City metropolitan area.