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Solid complexes of polyphosphazene and palladium chloride cannot be disrupted by a strong base.
This birefringence disappears in presence of palladium chloride.
8 MPa (2000 psi), and the fracture strain decreases from 330% to 260% as the concentration of palladium chloride increases from 2 mol% to 8 mol%.
None of these infrared absorptions shifts to higher or lower energy when palladium chloride is added to the polymer.
Polymeric complexes with palladium chloride exhibit less than 5% weight loss at 400 [degrees] C.
Chemichal-Chloroplatinic acid (H2PtCl6 Chloroauric acid (HAuCU) ,Ruthenium tri chloridc (RUCI3) , Palladium chloride (PdCI2) , Octadecvlamine ,.