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According to the South Asia Wildlife Enforcement Network (SAWEN), an intergovernmental wildlife law enforcement support body of South Asian countries, the Red panda, called 'habre' in Nepali, is as an endangered animal in Nepal and trade and smuggling of its hides and body parts is illegal.
For every download of Saving Pandas, $1 will go towards our goal to benefit the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy,” said Natalie Diekmann, a marketing representative for YANUA International.
In May, Gansu started a field survey on those pandas, hoping to find out more about their living conditions in two and a half years and eventually build a databank containing files on the wild pandas' genetic diversity.
3-5 months of the normal panda gestation period the are the unique an the 6 years old when a panda reaches sexual maturity
One technique involves close examination of pieces of undigested bamboo found in the poo, which gives valuable clues to the age of the panda that produced it.
That alone has helped protect more than 60 percent of the world's surviving panda bears.
China's latest national giant panda survey, released earlier this year, found there are nearly 1,600 pandas left in the wild, more than 40 percent previously known to exist.
The last panda survey in the 1980s found between 1,000 and 1,100 animals in the wild.
Por otro lado, como parte del apoyo ofrecido por Panda a este mayorista y pensando en la importancia que tiene la capacitacion al canal, ambas empresas ofreceran a los distribuidores una sesion tecnica de los productos de Panda, el proximo 15 de julio en la casa matriz de Centel.
CHESTER Zoo may become home to a giant panda - the only one in Britain, it was revealed last night.
The giant panda's close cousin, the red panda (or lesser panda), looks a lot like a raccoon.
Tian Tian co-stars in China: The Panda Adventure (starting Sept.