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see Corpus Juris CivilisCorpus Juris Civilis
, most comprehensive code of Roman law and the basic document of all modern civil law. Compiled by order of Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, the first three parts appeared between 529 and 535 and were the work of a commission of 17 jurists presided over by the
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Voet's compilation of Roman law with commentaries was available in Latin editions from the end of the 17th century (the edition referred to here is Johannes Voet, The Selective Voet Being the Commentary on the Pandects (Percival Gane trans, 1956 ed) [trans of: Commentarius ad Pandectas]).
Johannes Voet, l The Selective Voet, Being The Commentary on the pandects 98, 101 (P.
21) Certainly, when the scholar Trebonianus passed the completed Pandects to Justinian in December of 533 A.
Separate essays by David Ganz and Rosamund McKitterick both deal with the phenomenon of mass production of Bibles in Carolingian Tours: Alcuin-inspired texts employing 'export-quality script' in imposing regal pandects.
We learn from the histories of the house that, after becoming abbot of the twin foundation of Monkwearmouth and Jarrow in 6go, Ceolfrith ordered three great pandects of the Vulgate bible to be made.
This is why, says Alciato "we see Lorenzo Valla and others of his profession, even the most learned, when they try to restore Greek terms in the Pandects, except insofar as they have made use of the help offered by the old codices, have not got it right one time in ten, because they pay attention to words in isolation and know nothing of what the laws are intended to say.
Rhodians through the Roman law through the pandects of Justinian;