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(pəntənäl`), lowland region of SW Mato Grosso state, Brazil, bordering the Paraguay River and extending to the the western edge of the Brazilian Plateau. Parts of the pantanal extend into Bolivia and Paraguay. It is the world's largest wetland area, c.77,000 sq mi (200,000 sq km). Although subject to annual flooding, it is not a marshland; the water is not stagnant, and there is no malaria. The pantanal completely dries out at the end of the six-month rainy season, leaving lush grasslands that are used for cattle grazing. Millions of migratory birds visit the area every year and over 100 species of mammals and reptiles live there. However, the pristine nature of the pantanal is threatened by encroaching ranching and agriculture, poaching, and coal mining.



a swampy area in Brazil located along the upper Paraguay River. It is situated in a tectonic basin near the western base of the Brazilian Highlands. During the rainy season the area becomes flooded, restraining the freshets of the Paraguay River downstream. In dry periods it is a combination of swamps, lakes, and salt marshes alternating with areas covered with forest, shrub, and grass.

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The Pantanal wetlands stand out for being one of the largest flood plain in the world, in which extreme climatic variations occur between dry (April to September) and wet seasons (October to March).
The low slope in the Pantanal region makes it difficult to drain the water and, in combination with the meso relief, is possible to observe differents and characteristic environments, associated with the mosaic vegetation, such as the "mountain ranges", with denser tree vegetation, or riparian vegetation, which is very dynamic, due to the sinuous and unstable fluvial beds (Pott & Pott, 2005).
Consumer interest in the Pantanal caiman has typically been related to the exploitation of leather, but more recently, caiman meat is being sold in specialty restaurants and supermarkets (TABOGA et al.
O presente estudo foi realizado em tres Parques Estaduais de Mato Grosso do Sul, o Parque Estadual do Pantanal do Rio Negro (PEPRN), coordenadas 53[degrees]30'0" a 53[degrees]07'0" O e 18[degrees]13'20" a 18[degrees]00'0" S, o Parque Estadual das Nascentes do rio Taquari (PENRT), coordenadas 17[degrees] 59' a 18[degrees] 15' S e 53[degrees]10' a 53[degrees] 26' O e o Parque Estadual das Varzeas do Rio Ivinhema (PEVRI) coordenadas 54[degrees]05'50" a 53[degrees]00'30" O e 23[degrees]14'15" a 22[degrees]37'30 S
Twenty-one jaguars (Panthera onca), eleven 4 to 8-year-old males and ten 4 to 9-year-old females, were captured between 2010 and 2014 at the Taiama Ecological Station in the Pantanal (16[degrees]50'34.
The Nymphaeaceae is quite representative among aquatic macrophytes occurring in Pantanal areas, with seven Nymphaea species and one Victoria species (Pott & Pott, 2000).
A paisagem do Pantanal e muito heterogenea, resultado de uma variedade de unidades geomorfologicas de pequena escala, em combinacao com inundaco es anuais que criam uma grande diversidade de habitat (CUNHA; JUNK, 2004).
They started with Education Plus Nicaragua, a school in the Pantanal barrio outside of Granada.
uk), which helps people with food allergies, intolerances, coeliac disease or who are vegetarian/vegan MORNING I travelled the world for six months for my honeymoon and my fave place to wake up was in the middle of the Pantanal jungle in Brazil.