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A solid circumscribed elevation of the skin varying from less than 0.1 to 1 centimeter in diameter.



a nodular elevation of the skin; an element of a skin rash. Papules accompany certain diseases of the skin and mucous membranes. They occur in different sizes, colors, and consistencies; in shape they may be conical, hemispheric, or flat. Inflammatory papules indicate the presence in the skin of an infiltrate, as in syphilis. An example of noninflammatory papules is the thickening of the epidermis in warts.

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Pruritic papular eruption in HIV seropositive patients: a cutaneous marker for immunosuppression.
Chronic skin conditions predominantly located in the face and scalp usually present as slightly papular scaly patches surrounded by minimum to moderate erythema.
The predominantly educated men of A Papular Vision, Rout in flight from middle-class femininity, Hyde in her encounter with Douglas Stark during the interviews in Mount Eden which produced those two remarkable novels: all produced a variation on a nostalgic romance of masculinity.
abscessus complex skin infection have diverse presentations, including cutaneous nodules (usually tender), erythematous papules/pustules, and papular eruptions or abscesses (Figure 4) (19).
Scleromyxedema is the generalized variant of lichen myxedematosus and is accompanied by papular lesions, diffuse sderosis and erythema.
A 41-year-old white man was admitted to Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas complaining of a diffuse head-to-toe erythematous, papular rash of 3-months' duration.
Gianotti-Crosti syndrome, also called papular acrodermatitis of childhood, is a childhood exanthem that typically occurs following upper respiratory infection or infectious mononucleosis.
A papular eruption secondary to infection with Corynebacterium jeikeium, with histopathological features mimicking botryomycosis.
Clinically, IPEH can be misdiagnosed as a mucocele, hemangioma, pyogenic granuloma, Kaposi sarcoma, angiosarcoma, Kimura disease, intravenous atypical vascular proliferation, endovascular papillary angioendothelioma, papular angioplasia, or bacillary angiomatosis.
She had also developed a diffuse erythematous papular rash on the face and back, with bullous lesions on the chest.
BenzaClin is a ubiquitous benzoyl peroxide gel for mild to moderate acne and may suffice in lieu of oral antibiotics in mild papular, pustular acne.
Lymphadenopathy and an erythematous macular, papular, or morbilli-form rash were commonly reported in earlier outbreaks, but are evidently not common symptoms in the current epidemic.