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Golf an estimated standard score for a hole or course that a good player should make



Abbr. for “planed all round.”


On drawings, abbr. for paragraph.

PAR lamp

PAR lamp
A reflector lamp, usually incandescent, with a thick glass envelope, the back interior side of which has a parabolic shape with a reflective coating; used with a lensed front of the envelope to provide desired spread of the light beam.
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Marocain par le fil de l'histoire vecteur de l'esprit des ancetres.
4-Cajelana : Femelle baie 2ans par, par Cavallo Leon et Dejla.
4 Flowering Crab 205yds par 3 Wind is a big factor to another undulating green which slopes from to front.
3-Tamame : Male alezan de 3 ans par Sheerlokoum et Ourcha.
3rd (379yds, par 4): 3-iron, wedge to 10ft, 1 putt.
3-Rezq Chaouchaoua: Male Alezan 3 ans par Nadji al Mels et Ourcha.
PAR Springer-Miller Systems is a leading provider of hospitality management solutions that meet the technology needs of all types of hospitality enterprises including city-center hotels, destination spa and golf properties, timeshare properties, and casino resorts worldwide, setting the pace as a pioneer in the hospitality industry.
PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE:PTC), a leading provider of integrated technology solutions to the hospitality industry, today announced that it has acquired substantially all of the assets of SIVA[R] Corporation.
It's been exciting for PAR to work with CKE to ensure that they are utilizing every means possible to improve their returns on technology investments in their restaurants.
Key in these decisions is having confidence in the capabilities of the chosen technology provider and the solution's ability to provide industry leading property management," remarked John Springer-Miller, President and CEO of PAR Springer-Miller Systems.
FSA maintains a solid market position in the financial guaranty industry, where it ranks as the third-largest guarantor based on June 30, 2006 net par outstanding of $361.