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In November 2008 Lakes entered into an ARS rights agreement with UBS which granted Lakes the right to sell its ARS at par value to UBS at any time between 30 June 2010 and 2 July 2012.
Of critical importance, according to Justice Breyer, was that Alabama law defined a domestic corporation's tax base as including only one item--the par value of capital stock--which a domestic company could set at whatever level it chose.
In the discussions of the Committee of Twenty, the par value system still was regarded as the "normal" regime, and "the task of monetary reform was viewed as one of improving the Bretton Woods system so that it would operate without frequent crises, and in a more symmetrical fashion" than previously, "to facilitate the continued expansion of international trade and productive capital flows.
8056 divided into 756,341,579 ordinary shares of a nominal or par value of US$ 0.
Since a bond's price changes when interest rates change, investors may not receive par value upon sale.
The company served as book-running manager on 445 issues with a par value of $8.
Shareholders of record date December 25, 2006 shall receive one (1) share of preferred stock, Class A, par value $0.
KAILUA KONA, Hawaii -- Cyanotech Corporation (Nasdaq:CYAN) announced today that the one for four reverse stock split of its par value $0.
KAILUA KONA, Hawaii -- Cyanotech Corporation (Nasdaq:CYAN) announced today that it has filed with the Secretary of State of the State of Nevada a Certificate of Change with respect to the previously announced one-for-four reverse stock split of its common stock par value $0.
As a result, the Company's authorized capital has increased from 100,000,000 shares of common stock with a par value of $0.